Professional Background
  • 1967, Graduated from Ankara Teachers' Training College, Department of Arts and Crafts
  • 1971-74, Post graduate studies in Metal-crafts, Teachers' Training College, Istanbul
  • 1974-75, Advanced Course in Sculpture, St. Martin's School of Art, London
  • 1975-83, Tutor in Metal-crafts, Istanbul Teachers' Training College
  • 1986-90, MA in Metal-crafts, School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University

  • One-man Shows in Sweden
  • September, 1993, "Jewellery in Mixed Metals" , Gallery Sintra, Gothenburg
  • March, 1994, "Jewellery in Mixed Metals", Gallery Metallum, Stockholm
  • January, 1998, "Jewellery in Conical Forms", Gallery Sintra, Gothenburg

    Despite the bad quality of the photos on these pages, I still hope that you might somehow be interested in my work !... My prices
    are quite reasonable, though not down to the level of street-junk !... No payments in advance, only after you have received your
    goods and are totally satisfied !... Modifications in the existing designs, or new creations according to your suggestions are often
    accepted. Unfortunately, I do not work in techniques that are not represented on my pages, such as precious stones, single-metal
    jewellery, enamelling etc. As a matter of fact, I work more like shaman than a skilled technician !... Just name your wish, and,
    do not underestimate the power of rings !...
    Please mail me if you are interested in these things, I would like to hear voices from all over the world !...           E-Mail:


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